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Our Team

Dylan Wray is the co-founder and executive director of Shikaya. Since 2003 Dylan has been the Project Coordinator of Facing the Past – Transforming our Future. Dylan is the co-founder of Education Week and the South African Curriculum Advisor Conference (SACATS), and has developed numerous educational resources and written History textbooks for MacMillan, New Africa Books and Juta Gariep Publishers. Dylan was previously the Head of History at Wynberg Girls’ High School, Cape Town.

Lauren Daniels has broad experience in private, public, and  non-govermental sectors, specialising in programme development. She graduated cum laude in human resource development, and used these skills to start her own NGO, Hiphope. In June 2011, she joined Shikaya as Office Manager, and we’ve been enjoying her brilliant organisational skills, social networking, and poker-playing anecdotes ever since.

Tony Fagrew is Shikaya’s  accountant.

“From the early stages of the organisation I have always had meetings with Dylan regarding Shikaya.I  looked after the score keeping exercise, as it were, and saw that the financial administration was heading in the right direction. At that stage Shikaya was still in its infancy, operating out of Dylan’s residential premises. One thing I have to say and that is I’ve never seen an operation progress so rapidly in such a short space of time.”

Amanda Mayeki is the webmaster of the Shikaya and Facing the Past websites. She has been working at Shikaya for the past years assisting with administrative duties.

“Shikaya has been a great source of knowledge for me. I gained so much experience working with people from different walks of life. The organization’s work with teachers and learners has encouraged me to work towards being a change and every day I am reminded that a little action goes a long way.”

Molly Blank is the director, producer and editor of Testing Hope: Grade 12 in the new South Africa, which will be broadcast on SABC in the coming year. Shikaya has partnered with Molly to produce the documentary Where Do I Stand? The documentary had its first South Africa Premier in June 2010.

“I have been working with Shikaya in several capacities over the last 3 years.  My first introduction was when I screened my film Testing Hope for a group of Facing the Past teachers in 2007.  I was immediately struck by the engagement of the teachers in the film. But it wasn’t until the following year when I wrote an article about the Facing the Past-Transforming Our Future programme that I saw the deep transformative impact of  Shikaya’s work. It was in a follow up workshop in May 2008 when the seed was planted for our collaboration on a new documentary film about youth and xenophobia. It has proved to be a wonderful partnership. Now that the film is finished, I am very excited to take this next step with Shikaya, to see how they engage teachers with the film in workshops and to collaborate on getting this film out across the country.”



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