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Free State Workshop

In July 2010, 500 first year education students at the University of the Free State took part in a workshop with Shikaya, where eleven experienced teachers shared knowledge and experience they had gained through the Facing the Past programme.

As they began their four-year degree, this was an opportunity for the student teachers to consider the fundamental role they would play in their students’ non-academic development, and how to most efficiently teach their students to think critically and act in responsible and caring ways.

The workshop received some very positive response from the participants:

“Shikaya should continue with this type of workshop. It is very inspiring and it contributes a lot to the choice that I will make in life and how I’m going to treat people in the future.I know that this workshop will help me a lot when I start teaching. It also gave me more knowledge of how to be in class and treat learners. Thank you a lot :)

“I’ve learnt a lot from this workshop. It taught me a lot about isolation and racism. Wow, I’ve even formed a friendship with a white girl. I feel very happy to be here. Now I know what to expect when I am a teacher in the upcoming year. I ENJOYED MYSELF. [Uplift the spirit of education because a wise man once said, “For you to be able to be caught up in the world of life, that is to be EDUCATED.”]“

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