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Pre-Service Teacher Workshop

Shikaya Learners 131

In 2009 Shikaya was invited to run a 5-week Facing the Past course for 40 pre-service High School teachers at the University of Cape. The course focused on school integration and used the historical case-study of Little Rock in the USA as a means to help students grapple with their role as educators in creating inclusive classrooms and schools. The students worked with Facing History and Ourselves’ module Choices in Little Rock. You can download this resource here.

Below is some of the feedback from the students:

I found reflecting about who I am very challenging. I’ve always thought I knew who I am. But I now realise that there is still a lot I need to figure out. As difficult as it was I still think it was a useful exercise. I also learned a lot about other people and how they deal with things, and also to try and be more understanding even though I don’t particularly agree with them.”

“I enjoyed being able to cover specific issues in the classroom, such as how to effectively cover certain aspects. It is important for us as new teachers to go out ‘in the field ‘and be able to deal with particular situations. I felt that some of us were perhaps not aware of issues and concerns. Thank you for all the help and guidance.”

“This course has helped me become aware of prejudice and diversity and the way my classmates view different issues around this. I learned a lot about American history which I knew nothing about before, this was very interesting. I learnt to reflect and write down what I was feeling and then share my feeling with the class. I learnt that dealing with diversity might not be as simple as one might think.”

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