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UP2US aims to create communities of young UPstanders across South Africa who stand up for good, begin to DO things that make a difference in their schools, communities and country and actively spread the message of UP2US by encouraging others to take part in .

We have launched the UP2US website. check it out @

UP2US centres around an interactive, multimedia productionthat explores issues of:

  • identity
  • prejudice
  • values
  • what it means to be an active citizen.

The multimedia production is the key to inspiring and empowering young people to do good and spread the message of UP2US virally.

Now join the discussions on the up2us webiste and on the up2us facebook page

Up2Us features voices and inspiration from young people as well as from celebrities like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Connie Ferguson, Ahmed Kathrada, Bobby Skinstad, Elana Afrika, HHP and The Parlotones.




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